Album review: Evil Conduct on the Radio – City Saints

Evil Conduct on the Radio

Evil Conduct on the Radio is the latest release from Swedish punk rockers City Saints. It’s a single with 3 songs released in February 2022. It’s straight forward punk rock from start to finish, not trying to invent something new but delivering three catchy songs. The sound of the band on this one takes me back to how Blisterhead sounded on Punk Royale and Via Casilina, and that’s a great thing as I really enjoy that kind of sound.

It’s gang choruses, hey ho’s and good speed throughout. Lyrically it’s decently well written and catchy and although some songs might be a little bit on the longer side and become a little bit repetitive, I enjoyed it throughout. It’s mastered a bit low, which gave a decent jump-scare when the streaming service is skipping to other songs after it’s finished. Check it out on Spotify and the physical release can be found through Sunny Bastards webshop or through Gr√∂npeppar Records, got some nice colour-variations on the 7″.