Anti Anti Anti release album “Amor Anti”

Anti Anti Anti

Anti Anti Anti, the Cologne thrash punk band, has released their new album “Amor Anti”.

Sometime in 2018, Lars (bass), Steff (vocals), Alex (drums) and Thorsten (guitar) meet in a rehearsal room in Erftstadt. They jam around a bit unmotivated and can’t really decide which direction to take. But since everyone could do something with punk and thrash metal (which is also punk! only evil and with more long-haired people), they simply decided on a mix of both. Advantage: If the metalhead complains, you can just say: “It’s punk!”

Shortly afterwards, the first self-titled demo with five songs was released. Recorded in the Magic Basement Pizzatone Studio in Cologne. This was followed by the first video for the song “The Cure Becomes The Poison”. In February 2020, the first album “Burn Everything” was released, also recorded at Pizzatone in Cologne. Delighted to make a fool of themselves in a music video, a video for the song “Full Speed Ahead” followed, followed by another video for “Join The Slaver’s Trade”. After quite a few gigs, including heart-warming concerts in Prague, Trutnov and Liberec in the Czech Republic, the band returned to the Pizzatone Studio in February 2023.

Highly motivated, the musicians (Catapulco, Defiler, Die Die Darlings, Lache, Knigge and Krust…), who were also busy elsewhere, recorded their first 7inch EP “Moore Blood”. After that, nobody knows what to do with all the money, which leads to them going back into the studio in February 2024. This time, Studio 79 in Cologne was chosen. The new album “Amor Anti” will be recorded here in three days. The release date is June 7, 2024, and stylistically everything remains the same: Anthrax- and Exodus-infused skate punk old-school thrash tracks without any frills. Lyrically, all the good and bad things in life are covered: World hatred, social criticism, booze, Satan, hangovers, joie de vivre, monkeys, beating up, shitty capitalism and love. So far, so good! Stay anti and love one another!