Bayside has released new album “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive”

There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive

Bayside are releasing their new album, “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive”, April 5 via Hopeless Records. It features a few songs from their recent Red and Blue EPs (“Strangest Faces,” “Go To Hell,” and the Ice Nine Kills collaboration “How To Ruin Everything”), as well as their recent single “Castaway” and the just-released new song “The Devils.”

Bayside vocalist Anthony Raneri says, “We just wanted to write a ripper that keeps you on your toes. The chant was a melody that I kept humming to myself when I was walking my dogs. I put some words to it and we were going to use it as a bridge. We loved it so much we thought the song had to start that way.”