Beast Mode – Duckpond Brewing

Beast Mode Duckpond Brewing

Beast Mode by Duckpond Brewing. Fruited Double IPA, 8% ABV.

Dark purple colour, pours a medium head.
Aromas of black currant, vanilla, hints of grapefruit and sweet cake.
Flavours of black currant, vanilla, grapefruit and some small notes of white bread and sweet cake.
This is a weird experiment. Looking at it I expect those nice deep fruit flavours that we usually get from Duckponds Fruited Goses, but instead I get something in between that and a DIPA. It’s a fun experiment but it doesn’t quite stick the landing in my book. I think I prefer my DIPAs non-fruited and my fruited beers without this underlying hoppiness. 3 out of 5.