Comeback Kid announce upcoming EP “Trouble”

Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid has announced their upcoming EP “Trouble” that is set for release on March 15th through SharpTone Records. As of now, two singles has been released, “Trouble In The Winner’s Circle” and “Disruption”.

“Trouble In The Winner’s Circle” is a tongue-in-cheek track about public collapse, and the video finds the band ironically trapped in a fishbowl in the midst of an underground fight club.

On the track, vocalist Andrew Neufeld states: “‘Trouble In The Winner’s Circle’ is about public meltdowns. Having the world crashing down on you on display for the masses to see like peering into a fishbowl. It’s a tongue and cheek rock anthem driving its point to the bitter end.”

“Trouble” is produced and recorded by Comeback Kid and John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording in their hometown of Winnipeg during 2023, and can be preordered now through SharpTone Records.