Dog Company – From Chosen Sides To Battle Lines

From Chosen Sides To Battle Lines

From Chosen Sides To Battle Lines by @dogcompanytx . Released Dec 8, 2021 on @contrarecords (CR 360) and @boulevardtrashtulsa (BT-013).

This is the fourth full-length album from this Texas-based four-piece. Dog Company plays energetic punkrock with lots of gang-choruses. Lyrically the band leans towards working class and political themes, and this record does not deviate from that. Songs about working life, the divide in the US, protesting against the system but also some more personal themes about friendship can be found here.

It’s a really well written album throughout and the music compliments the lyrics in a nice way. These guys have always had a good sense of melodies and it shows on this album as well. It’s got a high lowest level and it grows after a couple of listens. Other albums might have more immediately catchy tunes and higher highs, but this record holds up throughout.

It’s also a pretty well-produced record that doesn’t lose the gritty vibes and doesn’t sound too clean, in a good way. The artwork is nice and fits the theme of the album (@nathanpionke ).

Overall a nice record that fits in the bands discography and won’t disappoint fans of the band.

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