Hopheadz [VI] Sabro – Akia Brygghus

Hopheadz VI Akia Brygghus

Hopheadz [VI] Sabro by Akia Brygghus. Double New England IPA, 7.5% ABV.

Hazy mango colour, pours a big head.
Tropical and stone fruity aromas of mango, apricot, pineapple and some herbs.
Flavours are tropical, stone fruity and a bit citrusy, with pineapple, apricot, coconut some grapefruit and herbs.
Juicy mouthfeel, soft bitterness and medium sweetness. The Sabro hop, dividing the beer-community since its birth. It’s not my favourite hop, I often think it’s overpowering when used with others. This is a single hop beer though, letting it shine in all its might. Coconut for sure, but is decently balanced with some more tropical flavours. By far not the worst use of the hop that I’ve tasted, but I’m still not convinced though. 3.5 out of 5.