Jason Devore (Authority Zero) release new single “Turn It Off!”

Jason Devore Turn It Off!

Jason Devore, known as the singer of the U.S. punk rock band Authority Zero, has released his new single “Turn it Off!” as part of his new solo album “‘Til The Voice Goes Out”, which will be released on June 7th.

First inspired by the songwriting and music of Jeff Buckley, his solo work melds rock ‘n’ roll, folk, punk, reggae, classical, and gospel influences into a “vibrant, fresh, and exhilarating sound that is simultaneously daring and innovative, yet unmistakably embodies the incomparable style of Jason DeVore”.

Collaborating with talents such as Bob Hoag (known for his work with The Ataris, Dear and The Headlights, The Format), who co-produced, co-engineered and mixed 11 of the album’s 12 tracks, three-time Grammy Award-winner Tom Lord-Alge (credited with projects for Blink-182, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, The Rolling Stones), who mixed the album’s opening track and lead single (“Turn It Off!”), and Grammy Award-winner Jason Livermore (recognized for his work with Rise Against, NOFX, Hot Water Music, Descendents) who mastered the album at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, ”Til The Voice Goes Out’ showcases a seasoned DeVore who has reached unparalleled heights in both songwriting and musicianship.

Speaking on the first single “Turn it Off!”, Jason DeVore said:

“’Turn It Off!’” is about slowing down your mind and trying to turn off the constant mental infiltration of static, propaganda, indecision, and just all around clutter. The amount of confusion and frustration driving a constant anxiety that doesn’t allow you to feel nor think clearly. The longing for peace of mind. The thing that was great I suppose you could say about this song was that it had no rhyme or reason initially. It just started pouring out as spontaneous cognition pen to paper. I honestly didn’t even know if it made any sense until I stepped back and looked at it as a whole piece. Then it was crystal clear. I like this as a first single because it has a high rock energy and really grabs you with the rhythm and drums out of the gate.”

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