Lab #28 Imperial IPA – Pax Brygghus

Lab #28 Imperial IPA

Lab #28 Imperial IPA by Pax Brygghus. Double IPA, 8% ABV.

Half clear amber colour, pours no head.
Citrusy and a bit malty aromas of grapefruit, white bread, pine and some small herbal notes.
Flavours are citrusy and a bit malty, with grapefruit, pine, white bread, herbs and a little bit of passion fruit.
Crisp and a bit thin mouthfeel, medium bitterness and a little bit of sweetness. Not much booziness and decently balanced, don’t know if I would call it an Imperial New England as they do on the bottle though, more a straight up double IPA. Perhaps a little bit compromised in the bottle, but not so much that it ruins the whole beer. 3.5 out of 5.