Lawmaker – All Work, No Class

Lawmaker All Work No Class

I stumbled over this band when I heard their Moving On which appeared on my release radar in Spotify. Wonderfully melodic streetpunk which made me look up these guys a bit more. The band is based in the Bay Area of SF as well as Stockholm, Sweden. Their first and so far only album All Work, No Class was released in October 2021 and is a collection of previously released EP’s together with a couple of new songs. The album is released on Galgbacken Records and No Bullshit Live And Records.

The album is a full-frontal streetpunk knockout from the start. It’s growly and angry in the good kind of way, while having some really catchy guitar-lines and gang-choruses. Lyrically always leaning heavily into the working class themes in classic Oi!-style, it’s well written songs we are presented with here. Oi! is a genre I only dabble in, but here it’s mixed with streetpunk-influences and it works really well in my ears.

Singer’s got a really nice, perfectly growly voice, and the guitars are driving the songs forward relentlessly. The album manages to grab my attention throughout the 10 tracks, perhaps because it’s a collection of songs written over a little bit longer time. Considering the quality on here and how good their latest “single” is, this is a band I will keep track of from now on, and if you’re a fan of streetpunk you definitely should as well. Great music just to get some energy or to start the weekend.