Lennarts porter – Bryggeriet Ångkvarn

Lennarts Porter

A surprise one from Bryggeriet Ångkvarn. Lennarts porter, English style porter, 5.2% ABV.

Semi dark coffee/cola colour with aromas of coffee beans, dark bread and dark caramel.
Flavours of coffee beans, dark bread and dark caramel and with a semi thick mouthfeel.

If you follow my account you know I never drink darker beers (I’m not even a coffee drinker). I ended up with this one after a miss-pour and the brewery was nice enough to let me keep it on top of the correct one, real nice of them. I have absolutely no frames of reference in this style so I’m not gonna rate it. It was pretty nice, but not really my style. I would say it’s an pretty easy going porter, but what the hell do I know. Fun to try something, for me, different though.