Malmö I Love You 2023 – Hyllie Bryggeri and Elmeleven

Malmö I Love You 2023

Malmö I Love You 2023 by Hyllie Bryggeri and Elmeleven. Fruited Sour, 5% ABV.

Hazy apricot colour, pours a small head.
Aromas of peach, pear and some orange.
Flavours match the nose with peach, pear, some orange and white bread.
A bit juicy but also slightly thin mouthfeel, got some sweetness but it doesn’t become overwhelming. Not very tart but got some orange peel notes that adds to it. I might have expected a bit more, it’s well balanced and well made, but not really the flavour explosion that I expected or heavy sour that I wanted. 3.5 out of 5.