Mercy Music release new single from upcoming album

Mercy Music

Las Vegas-based pop-punk band Mercy Music has released the single Love You/Needed You, from their upcoming album What You Stand To Lose that is coming out in the end of June.

Love You/Needed You is a song about “coming to terms with the fact that the person you’re in love with is no longer in love with you”, vocalist and guitarist Brendan Scholz says. “There’s all the physical and mental pain that comes with [heartbreak], along with trying to deal with it all, use it to try to get better and grow. The lyrics in the chorus were a way to sum up the things that were being said to me in that situation.”

Bassist Jarred Cooper adds, “Brendan is a master at playing what we call ‘expensive chords.’ This song is a prime example of that. It will definitely be played live, as I think it’s one of the best songs on the album. It has strong ’90s vibes that I love.”

The title of their new album refers to the many monumental changes in Scholz’s personal life since it was “flipped upside down” between this album and their last (2020’s Nothing in the Dark), “What You Stand To Lose is about coming face to face with one of your worst fears, learning from the experience, and hoping you come out the other side a better person,” says Scholz.

Pre-orders the album are happening now and it’s released on Double Helix Records/SBÄM Records on June 30th. Check out the video for Love You/Needed You by Mercy Music below.