MEST to release new single “Hate You Sober” featuring Ice Nine Kills


MEST new singel “Hate You Sober” features Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills, and comes out May 17th. The song is about a toxic relationship a person can only stand through by intoxicating themselves with alcohol and about finding the strength to finally walk away from the relationship.​​​

MEST was formed in 1995 with Tony Lovato, his brother Steve, and his cousin Matt in Blue Island, Illinois; a small working-class town on the Southside of Chicago. From the beginning, Tony used that blue collar work ethic to quickly build a dedicated following in the growing Chicago punk rock scene. They released a couple of demos on cassette in 1996 and 1997 and a full length record in 1998. This got the attention of John Feldmann, lead singer and frontman of the punk ska band Goldfinger, who secured them a demo deal with Maverick Records. Seven days after turning the recordings, Maverick signed them to a multi-record deal. MEST released four records with Maverick/Warner Brothers from the year 2000 to 2005, two of which went gold in Japan.

In 2006 MEST announced their break-up and did their farewell tour “So Long and Thanks For The Booze.”

In 2006, not knowing what his next move was, frontman Tony Lovato moved to Los Angeles Ca. Tony left his house, his friends and family behind. But the one thing he did take with him was his strong work ethic from his roots.

Tony said, “To go from touring the world with the friends, that you grew up with since childhood, owning a house and having financial stability to essentially being alone and sleeping on someone’s couch for a couple years it really put life and the music business into perspective. One day everybody wants to work with you and the next they won’t return your phone calls. But I didn’t achieve everything that I did up to that point by sitting around waiting on others. In the early years of success; including our first big shows, our record deal, and even some of the biggest tours through our booking agent were all due to my friendships that I cultivated over the years. After some lonely and depressed years I had to remind myself what I was capable of and what I had achieved. I remembered something my grandfather told me as a young boy, “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”“

After a couple years of soul searching Tony started to write and record new music. Releasing two acoustic records featuring fan favorites and the properly titled LP “NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED. (2012) Tony continued touring even bringing MEST to country’s previously never visited, like Australia and Mexico.

In 2013 Tony found out he would be embarking on a new chapter in his life; one that he was certain would never come; fatherhood. Tony began to question whether a career in the music business would be wise with a baby on the way. He moved out of LA and to AZ to raise his family. His son, London, was born in 2014 and was the inspiration behind the song, ‘Don’t Worry Son’.

“That song that was actually meant to inspire my son later in life. “But in turn inspired me and reignited my passion for writing,” said Tony

This became the driving force behind the development of the next MEST album. Two years later, with an arsenal of music, he knew that CA is where he needed to be.

In 2018, MEST headed into the studio with Cameron Webb to start production on the next record. MEST initially signed with Cyber Trax, the record label of El Hefe from the legendary Punk Rock band NOFX. After finishing the record, communication broke down with that label and Tony was reminded of his grandfather’s statement and decided it was best to buy the record back and release it himself, raising over $54,000 on Kickstarter.

MEST released their 7th Full length album titled ‘Masquerade’ in January 2020, three months before the world shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MEST toured extensively in 2019 as direct support for Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and was the special guest on the Reel Big Fish/Bowling for Soup co-headlining tour in the summer of 2019. Finally ending the year doing direct support for the Swedish punk rock band Millencolin.

MEST has spent the last 2 years writing/recording the first of three LP’s which will come out this year with the 1st one titled ‘Youth.’ The first single “When We Were Young” featuring Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup was released April 11th, with the record coming out May 31st. Tony has secured a deal for the upcoming MEST LP to be released on Avex Records in Japan as well as SBAM Records in Europe.

MEST is heading to Europe May 25 through June 9th for a headlining run and festival appearances.

When Tony was asked, if you had some up to 28 years of MEST career thus far how would you do it? To which he replied “I don’t know, I mean honestly it feels like we’re just getting started…”