“Madness” – New single and video from Nick Grandchamp

Nick Grandchamp

Nick Grandchamp from the band Dead Street Dreamers, and also Get a Grip and River City Rebels, has released a new single called Madness, and a video to go along with it. The video is produced by a Nick together with Justin from Rainbow Gorilla.

Madness is a Punk’n’roll tune about all the madness that surrounds us day to day. It’s got a really nice melodic guitar loop from Grandchamp and what is, for me as a Swede at least, that classic American punkrock-sound to it.

Nick says that the song will be part of an upcoming collection called “Good Grief”, that will feature new and select older songs of his, and will also feature his film photography and poetry.

Be aware that the video has some flashing lights and such, if you’re prone to react badly to those things you’re cautioned.