Penny Rich debut album If Everyone’s An Expert… out in April

Penny Rich

Cardiff-based punk three-piece Penny Rich are about to release their debut album If Everyone’s An Expert… on April 14th.

The album will offer a personal take on today’s polarised political climate, whilst also taking a deep dive into singer/guitarist Ant’s personal struggles coinciding with this turbulent time. The album will offer an heart-on-sleeve approach and is intended as a raw, honest and self-critical take on both personal and wider societal issues.

On April 7th Penny Rich will drop a single from the album called Spirals, and the band says that “‘Spirals’ is a song about finding futile solutions to life’s upward and downward spirals from the point of view of someone with underlying perfectionism and OCD. It explores the subconscious reflex of reaching for all-encompassing answers to your problems, be it a fad diet, a new routine, etc. Eventually, these solutions all ultimately fail, leaving you back at the bottom, at the start of the next spiral.

This song is very personal to Ant, who has long suffered with body dysmorphia stemming from underlying perfectionism and OCD. The song reflects the years of both physical and mental yo-yo’ing, leading to the conclusion that treating these underlying causes is the only way to eventually finding freedom from this never-ending cycle.

Mark the 7th and the 14th of April in your calendars and check out their Bandcamp here.