The Iron Roses release new song “Screaming For A Change”

The Iron Roses

The Iron Roses has released a new song called Screaming for a Change, which comes along with a music video.

Kicking off an album meant to both inspire an uprising against old systems and old ideals, ‘Screaming for a Change’ stands as an anthem for those ready to take their power back,” vocalist Nathan Gray states.  “We knew this song was the perfect choice to kick off our album and introduce ourselves to the world, as it perfectly sets up what you can expect from The Iron Roses — politically charged, anthemic punk rock with reggae, ska, and, yes, even some post-hardcore and metal influences. This is a song that firmly plants its feet and raises its middle finger in the air. We ain’t backing down without a fight.

Becky Fontaine says,”The video is our introduction to the world, not only by its assertion of our social and politically-forward message, but our hearts as a diverse group of humans who don’t take themselves too seriously. When we are on stage together, we are having the time of our lives, and we really wanted the video to reflect that joy, and our chemistry together. ‘Screaming for a Change’ doesn’t need to be done in anger; it can be joyful and life-affirming. Simply existing in love and autonomy is a middle finger in the face of those who wish to see us stay down in misery; might as well shine!

The Iron Roses – Screaming for a Change