The Misfires release new album “are Dead, long Live The Misfires”

The Misfires

The Misfires, a high-energy skate-punk band from Edmonton, has released their new album “are Dead, long Live The Misfires”.

The Misfires are known for their dynamic stage shows that actively involve the audience. The band quickly gained a following and performed numerous high-profile shows, including opening acts for Face to Face and Authority Zero. Their debut album, “Songs about Stuff,” is highly regarded in the punk community.

Despite their success, the band disbanded in 2016 due to internal strife. However, before their breakup, they had completed tracks on a full-length album are Dead, long Live The Misfires. The album serves as a final testament to their legacy.

“I didn’t want this to sit unfinished on a hard drive forever,” says Barrett Klesko, the driving force behind The Misfires. “Though the band didn’t survive, we made an incredible album that is both a love letter to the skatepunk sound of the 90s and a step forward in modern punk. Our specific style of satirical social and political commentary continues to be loved by our fans. Throughout the years, we’ve received a steady stream of messages and fan mail urging our comeback. While I can’t guarantee it, a reunion is never out of the question. After all, aging punks are still punks, and we definitely still have shit to say.”

The band consisted of notable Edmonton metal scene veterans: Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails, Degenerator, The Secret Places of the Earth, ex. The Order of Chaos (vocals), Seedy Mitchell Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails (guitar), Justin Cruse, King Theory, ex Naked Beauty (bass), Ryan Biggs Sleepwraith, ex. All Else Fails(drums), and Colton Taylor Violet Riot (guitar).

The Misfires’ music was characterized by a potent blend of scathing social and political commentary, sardonic self-analysis, and an explosive musical sound that paid homage to 90’s skatepunk while injecting a fresh perspective into the Canadian punk scene. Their songs resonated with a generation disillusioned with the status quo, making them a band to remember in the punk rock landscape.

The new album is available on Spotify, Youtube Music and Apple Music.