The PIT presents: ‘Beijing Calling: rockers from the Middle Kingdom’

Beijing Calling

As new addition to its list of programs, THE PIT VOD platform presents ‘Beijing Calling: Rockers from the Middle Kingdom’, a documentary about the Chinese burgeoning rock and punk scene, confronted to censorship and a local government which elevate mass control at the highest.


The government is trying to control the festival. Lots of policemen come to see you. You have to sign papers. And also, whether it’s musicians from here or abroad, the ministry asks for song lyrics.”

Between pollution, censorship, rage and corruption, Beijing’s underground rock scene still manages to thrive and survive. In fact, it’s booming.

Passionate about China, globe-trotting director Olivier Richard has made the first French documentary on punk in the Chinese capital, following a number of actors: Spike (lead singer of the punk band Demerit, who also opened a punk bar), Spirit (lead singer of S-Mud), Lei Jun (leader of MiSanDao, Beijing’s first skinhead band, which broke up in 2015), Sulumi (underground icon converted to electronic music and Game Boy), Second Hand Rose (one of China’s most popular rock bands).

‘Beijing Calling: rockers from the Middle Kingdom’ is available right now on The PIT with a 7-days FREE trial.