Versus The World release new single “Going Out For Smokes”

Versus The World - Going Out For Smokes

The post-punk band Versus The World features members of Lagwagon and Good Riddance and has released the single Going Out For Smokes from the new album “The Bastards Live Forever”.

“Going out For Smokes is a song about weakness. Looking back on a moment you’re not proud of and admitting that you didn’t have what it took to pull it. It’s about a time in my life where I had to put myself back together and see where I failed and went wrong. There’s no resolve in the song, which I kind of like… no “the hero wins in the end.” Just “I fucked this up…. What do I do now.” says singer Donald Spence.

The new album The Bastards Live Forever is out in May 2023 via SBÄM Records and consists of 11 songs. “I can’t tell you how much work went into this collection of songs.I’d always been taught that if what you were working on wasn’t (what you thought) was your best… start over. Never put anything into the world that you were not absolutely sure of.” says Donald.

Check out the video for Going Out For Smokes from Versus The World below.