Cadet Carter release new album “Self Maintenance”

Cadet Carter

Munich pop-punks Cadet Carter has released their new album “Self Maintenance”, out now on SBÄM Records.

“Self Maintenance” is a collection of songs bursting with catchy melodies, clever arrangements, and heartfelt lyrics, according to the band and label. “All these songs are like little odes to taking care of yourself and focusing on what’s goodin life rather than letting the more gloomy side of your character win“, says Welsh lead singer Nick. “Many of these songs areabout keeping yourself together and the mundane activities we do to keep ourselves alive and functionadequately in society. I think it’s something not only I but many people struggle with, so we decided to writesome songs about it.“

Lead single LIFT ME UP is a catchy song, while its lyrics are a not-so-gentle reminder to focus onthe good, even if that means having to leave your comfort zone. STRANGERS deals with feelings of loneliness in relationships, and LET IT GO is the soundtrack to a new beginning. In order to expand their musical horizons, Cadet Carter also got some well-known vocalists to sing on the record: Have Mercy’sBrian Swindle features on TIGHTROPE, while Kayleigh Goldsworthy lends her unique voice to MY FAVOURITE PLACE.

We are so incredibly proud of this record“, says Nick. “I think we were able to develop a real sound of our own on this album, which is crazy when you think about it. The musical genre we’re in has seen so many different takes and incarnations over the past decades. One might think everything has been said and done here, but I believe Self-Maintenance is proof that that’s not true at all. I am so proud we were able to still add something new to that sort of sound. It’s such a great thing we managed to pull that off.“