Flexer DIPA – Duckpond Brewing

Flexer DIPA Duckpond Brewing

Flexer DIPA by Duckpond Brewing. Double IPA, 8% ABV.

Hazy butterscotch colour, pours an insane head (see second pic, tilted glass but still just exploded in there).
Tropical and a bit piney aromas of mango, pine, orange and herbs.
Flavours are tropical, with mango, orange marmalade, herbs and some honey.
Pretty juicy mouthfeel, sweet and medium bitterness. This is a bit weird one for me. A bit overcarbonated, and once it settled it’s a bit of a mixed bag. A nice initial tropical sweetness but there is an aftertaste that is a bit unpleasant in my opinion, I can’t really put my finger on it, a bit peppery perhaps. Doesn’t really fit with the other flavours but it mellows down and blends in better after a while, so I wouldn’t drink this too cold. Not really my cup of tea though. 3.25 out of 5.