Glazed Curtains has released new single “AUSTRIA”, announce new album

Glazed Curtains

Austrian rock band Glazed Curtains has released their new political single “AUSTRIA” via Tape Capitol Music. At the same time they have announced their new album “CLAUSTROPHOBIA”, which will be released on November 22nd.

With influences from the 1960s all the way to the age of modern rock, the Austrian band Glazed Curtains is keeping the spirit of rock alive. With a modern twist of the rock genre comparable to bands like Highly Suspect, Badflower and Kid Kapichi, the band really encaptures what the essence of guitar music is. Their music is not only for the old school rock listener but also for the people who are into overdriven guitar music and for those who like to have a little party.

“Our new single “AUSTRIA” is about the political situation of Austria. It‘s about politicians who are enjoying financial wealth by being corrupt. Together with our producer Maximilian Sulz we created an uptempo song that starts right in and really makes you wanna sing along. It’s for the people and for those who are out there working all day for their families. It’s a Hymne for the working class and for anyone who doesn’t want to be led by people who don’t care about anything else but money.”

Their second studio album, “CLAUSTROPHOBIA” set to drop on November 22nd, 2024. This powerful collection of songs delves deep into themes of emotional stress and social injustice, capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of our time.

Following the success of their debut album, Glazed Curtains have continued to refine their sound, combining haunting melodies with poignant lyrics. “CLAUSTROPHOBIA” is a testament to the band’s growth and their commitment to addressing significant societal issues through their music.

“This album is our response to the world we see around us,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Constantin Kary. “We wanted to create something that resonates with the emotional and social struggles people face every day. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s something we believe everyone can connect with on some level.”

Everyone has been dealing with some serious stuff these past few years, and the band wanted to make an album that reflects that. Tracks like “CLAUSTROPHOBIA” and “MY ANXIETY” are raw and personal, while “ADHD FEVER” tackles the struggles of mental health head-on. But it’s not all inward looking. The band is also taking aim at the system with anthems like “9 2 5” and “AUSTRIA.” These songs are about the inequalities and unfair social and political structures around us.

Fans of Glazed Curtains can expect an emotional journey, as the album weaves through stories of pain, hope, and the relentless pursuit of justice.