Noopinion return with new single “Breaking Obligations”


After a long break, the skate-punk greats Noopinion from Germany, founded in 1999, are back with a new album (keep in mind that the spelling on Spotify is No Opinion). Fans of the band are well aware that Noopinion express a lot of opinions in their songs. Their new single “Breaking Obligations”, which will be released digitally on June 6, is no exception.

Musically, the sound is still characterized by the skate punk of the noughties. With fat riffs, a distinctive voice, double time drums and a modern production. Noopinion used to tour their van tires off and want to do it again this year.

“We’re so glad and happy that we’re still doing it and even happier for what the last 17 years have given us – together as a band and as the best friends in the world!”

The skatepunk/melodic hardcore band Noopinion from Garmisch-Partenkirchen can look back on a long and successful career. Since their formation in 1998, they have already released five albums, including “End of the Line” (2000), “Papa Punkrock” (2003), “Hero get’s Girl” (2004), “Allegro” (2008) and “No Chains for Change” (2013).

Now, after 11 years, they are announcing their sixth studio album “Revolt And Resolve” for 2024, continuing their musical journey. The latest work will be released via the new label SBÄM Records.

The band, consisting of Philippe, Mike, Patrik and Stephan, has so far played around 2250 concerts and tours in 20 countries on 4 continents. In the process, they have built up a loyal fanbase and have also placed several TV and radio features.

The band members, who have known each other for 30 years and three out of four are still in the original line-up, met while skateboarding and formed the band for fun without a concrete plan, which turned out to be a stroke of luck. With numerous concerts, support shows and festival appearances that have taken them around the world, starting in Germany, Austria & Italy in 2004, to more club shows and festivals in mainland Europe and tours of countries such as China, the USA, Australia and the UK, the band has built up an impressive international presence, thrilling audiences worldwide and making a name for themselves in the punk rock scene.

Noopinion has shared stages with renowned bands such as Emil Bulls, Donots, Satanic Surfers, Boysetsfire, Useless ID, Strung Out, Lagwagon, Pennywise, Authority Zero, Evergreen Terrace, No fun at all, No use for a Name, Ignite, Good Riddance, Bouncing Souls & Chaser, making their live performances unforgettable experiences for fans.

Noopinion has already released four official videos. With their new label Sbäm Records they are ready to continue to thrill their fans with their energetic music.

In the future, Noopinion plans to return to concerts and touring, sharing their music with fans around the world. Their energetic shows and infectious songs promise unique concert experiences that no one should miss.