Hopheadz [XI] – Akia Brygghus

Hopheadz [XI] Akia Brygghus

Hopheadz [XI] by Akia Brygghus. Double New England IPA, 7.5% ABV. Brewed with Nectaron.

Hazy and juicy dark mango colour (it looks more brownish and oxidized in the picture, but settled in a bit better colour), pours a medium head.
Tropical and a bit citrusy aromas of mango, sweet cake, mandarin, apricot and pineapple.
Flavours are tropical and a little citrusy and stone fruity, with mango, pineapple, sweet cake, mandarin and apricot.
Thick juicy mouthfeel, a pretty soft bitterness and sweetness of the dried fruit variety. Really hoppy, on the edge of being almost overly so, but for me it doesn’t go over that edge. Lots of flavours despite being a single hop. 4 out of 5.