Italian band Millennial Daze release new single “Teenage Queen”

Millennial Daze (ph. Rachele Ferrè)

Third chapter of the group’s new era – which opened in December 2023 with “Choke the Enemy” and continued by “Paranoia” in March 2024 – “Teenage Queen” is the new single from the Italian band Millennial Daze, which faces a bitter realization with the irreverence of punk rock.

The song, like the previous two singles, is produced by Gianluca Veronal and released on Attitude Records, the label founded by Andrea Rock. The pressing and fast rhythm of the song brings back the mold of classic punk rock, but continues their project of research into more contemporary and pop punk sounds.

The teenage queen sung by the group is the classic fake alternative girl that people fall in love with in high school because she appears mature and better than others, but as she grows up she realizes that the world she has built around herself is made of plastic. The band accompanies her in the realization of this little truth by putting into music the discomfort of those who discover themselves as an empty person and feel lost in life.

Millennial Daze is a trio with a fresh and captivating sound with 90’s punk rock, alternative rock and new wave influences, formed by Niccolò, Alessandro and Nicolai. The band was born in Novara, Italy, with the idea of proposing a more modern sound within the punk rock scene: this research combines “pop” style writing with the decisive and sharp sound of punk and at the same time is capable of dealing with social, reflective and personal issues while maintaining an energetic and melodic imprint.

In 2020, Millennial Daze released their debut EP Sweet and Loud, containing six songs resulting from the experimentation of their first years of activity. It was followed, in 2022, by “I Fought the Law”: tribute to the Clash, one of the band’s major influences. The following year they entered into a collaboration with Gianluca Veronal from Andead who, as a producer, contributed to the artistic and musical development of the group. Thus, in the summer of 2023, “Jerk it Out” was born, a Caesars cover rearranged in a modern key together with Veronal.

Cover of Teenage Queen by Millennial Daze
Cover of Teenage Queen by Millennial Daze