Supermodel Taxidermy have released their second EP “At What Cost”

Supermodel Taxidermy

With breakneck thrash fury comes Canada’s Supermodel Taxidermy and their second EP “At What Cost”, released May 31st on physical CD following its digital release on April 26th via Punishment 18 Records. With a track record of turning heads and pushing boundaries, they promise to deliver an electrifying blend of intense riffs, powerful vocals, and unbridled energy that will leave listeners craving for more. The band comments on what to expect:

“This album is going to exceed the expectations of our early listeners while also adding dynamics with new elements that we decided to enforce all over the record. Things such as Cheney’s crushing vocals. We do a lot of back-and-forth vocals on this record. This record was made to catch your ears with its intense guitar hooks, heavy drums, and catchy bass lines all while keeping your attention to the lyrical topics at hand.”

Lyrically, the majority of this album looks at death; a lot of the writings question the cause and effect of vices and the wrong choices that can be made throughout our lives. Musically this album is fast and heavy as hell. Supermodel Taxidermy wanted to have it throwing left hooks repeatedly, there are not many moments on this record when it gives you a break.

The band was formed after an overwhelming response to the EP “A Whorer Story”, which was intended to be a one-off solo record, and since then they have been staking a claim for themselves in the local scene. The album, ten tracks coming in at just under half an hour, was produced by Rob Lawless and mixed/mastered by Terry Paholek, showcasing the band’s commitment to delivering an exciting listening experience. This thrash metal and hardcore punk collision is recommended for fans of Iron Reagan, Dayglo Abortions, and Slayer.

Upcoming Shows:
June 7 – Fort McMurray, AB – Syncrude Atheteltic Park – Rock The Rails (Headlining + Album Release Party)
June 15 – Medicine Hat, AB – Alternative Waves Festival – Mainliners Pub – info
Aug 4 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice – info w/ Ripcordz