Noah and the Loners debut EP “A Desolate Warning” out now

Noah and the Loners

Today marks the release of UK punk band Noah and the Loners debut EP “A Desolate Warning” via Marshall Records. The album is produced by Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor).

Formed of Noah Lonergan, Amber Welsh, Joseph Boyle and Noah Riley, the teens have spent the past two years chipping away at making their music a true reflection of themselves. The compilation sees the band tackling societal injustices and inequity head-on, as well as surviving the day-to-day drudgery of modern life, all wrapped in the band’s raw, unapologetic energy and Noah’s signature caustic lyricism.

The chaotic and driving nature of the EP mirrors Noah and the Loners discontent with the ongoing party-gate scandal. It serves as a poignant social commentary on contemporary and shambolic UK politics – along with frustration with a failing education system and the dismissal of the youth’s potential to bring about change by the older generation.

The band provides a rallying cry for those navigating the complexities of adolescence and societal expectations, the overpowering grip of toxic relationships, isolation and the stigmas surrounding mental health, with visceral performances captured by Neil Kennedy that elevate the songs beyond typical punk boundaries showcasing the band’s vulnerability and honesty in addressing this important topic.

“This track came to us organically when we were staying at Joseph’s house during the summer of 2022” says vocalist/guitarist Noah Lonergen. “We had not intended to write or rehearse anything, as we were taking some time off from the outside world. However, a moment of inspiration from Joseph, with the opening riff – our growing frustration with the UK government’s incompetence and hypocrisy inspired this social commentary on the state of politics in the UK today – led to the creation of ‘Crash Landing,’ complete with lyrics in no time at all”.

For Noah and the Loners, punk is not just a label but a state of being. The band, one of the latest signees to Marshall Records, have been developing a reputation for their barrage of two-minute freak-outs, in which they vent every frustration, be it political or personal, and bring a refreshing new voice to the genre. “I don’t see the point of writing a song if you’re not saying anything’, says frontman Noah Lonergan (he/him) ‘and I don’t think we’d be the band we are if the music wasn’t so personal”.